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 Because we can be there when you can't!

2016 Vacations -  June 4-15, August 4-7,  December 15-31.  Every other year I take Christmas off, and this is my year for Christmas so plan accordingly so you can have your favorite pet sitter when needed.



Castle Rock Cat Care is a full service pet sitting business.  We specialize in taking care of cats.  We also enjoy walking and playing with dogs.  Leanne L. is our main pet sitter.

I am sure you have heard "cats don't need any care because they are independent" or "I would never board my cat" or "Why do you need a sitter for a cat" or something similar.

As a cat lover, you know those people are wrong.  Sure, you would never board your cat and put her in a cage. Your precious feline needs love, attention, play time and more.  Do you read to your cat?  Do you walk your cat?  Is cuddle time of utmost importance to you?  If you answered yes to any of those questions then you need Castle Rock Cat Care.  Keep your cats routine normal by having Castle Rock Cat Care there when you are gone.  Your cat doesn't want to live in a cage, no matter how prettied up it is - she wants to stay in her own home.

As a dog lover, you know your dog needs more attention than your cat.  Dogs are not as self sufficient as cats and have their own distinct personalities.  But they have a few things in common with cats.  They would rather stay at their own home and not go to a kennel!

There are a variety of different pet sitting options, and if you want something that isn't mentioned on our Rates and Services page, don't hesitate to ask.

At Castle Rock Cat Care we adore felines, and cats adore us.  At Castle Rock Cat Care we adore dogs, and dogs adore us.  Call Leanne for your Castle Rock pet sitting needs today!

Dogs are also welcomed at Castle Rock Cat Care.  Dogs  will enjoy our deluxe pet sitting services.  Dog walks are available for an additional fee.  Why did we decide to do dogs as well as cats?  Because dogs are people too.  Like children, they need frequent attention, a lot of exercise and love to spare because they can  never have enough.  Dogs enjoy playing with Leanne, and the special love that she provides.  CRCC loves dogs too!

Are you licensed,insured or bonded? Yes to all three. Castle Rock Cat Care is licensed with the Town of Castle Rock and the State of Colorado.  I am also insured and bonded for your security. Castle Rock Cat Care has also done a background check on the primary pet sitter, Leanne, for an added measure of comfort for clients.  This can be seen upon request.

We are also members of the Professional United Pet Sitters (PUPS) and the Pet Sitter Association (PSA).  PSA also does our insurance and bonding.  Leanne is a Castle Rock Pet Sitter from Castle Rock Cat Care.

Here are the areas we service, listed by zip codes. 

Castle Rock zip codes 80104,  and 80109* are no additional charge to visit.

Castle Pines zip code 80108 is an additional fee to visit.

Larkspur zip code 80118 is an additional fee to visit.

Franktown zip code 80116 is an additional fee to visit.

Elizabeth zip code 80117 is an additional fee to visit.

Elizabeth zip code 80107 is an additional fee to visit.

Sedalia zip code 80135 is an additional fee to visit.

All additional fees can be found on the Rates and Service page.

*There are some locations in 80109 that do have a charge to visit.  This specifically applies to locations south of Plum Creek BLVD.  The charge will be determined by the location.

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The pictures on this page are of Gracie (Top), Figaro, Gracie and Athena (left) and Smokey (right), Smudge 3 months old on bottom.