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I love cats as much as you do!

I am a stay at home mother of six.  Only one of my children has two legs and he is the only boy child in the house, the rest are my 'girls'.  Amber and Pixie are my Golden Retriever dogs, Amber is almost 10 and Pixie is two and a half. I also have three cats that I love to cuddle with each day.  Athena is my old lady.  She is 16 years old and still full of spunk.  She doesn't have much to do with the younger girls and is strictly a mommy's girl.  She loves to lay next to me any time I am on the couch or sleeping.  Figaro is my black beauty with a few white spots.  She is also a 'scaredy' cat.  I am positive she is scared of her own shadow.  But she loves me, and especially loves to stretch out on my lap or cover my legs while I sleep.  Gracie is our youngest at just two years old.  In fact, she and Pixie were babies at the same time, and consequently are best friends.  She loves to curl up on my lap with her head on my laptop.  She also loves to sleep by my head at night.

My girls are family members and are treated as such.  More often than not you will see a cat on my lap or laying next to me at home.  Pixie and Amber tend to lay with Daddy but come to me for loving and scratching.  Pixie also love to play fetch with me and I love playing with

In addition to my love of cats and, I also love Disney, hiking and reading, in fact we also have a Disney website  I love spending time with my husband and son.

I have always wanted a small dog just for my own that I could pretty up and carry around.  Now I have the luxury of having a lot of small dogs because I get to see them every day.  Be assured that I will give your cat or dog the same care I give my own (and mine are spoiled rotten with love, attention and toys), and all of the attention he or she wants.  


Pictured on this page are Athena (top left), Jasmine and Athena (sisters, top right) and Figaro with Athena's tail end on the bottom, finally, our new kitten Smudge, so named because of the smudge on her chin.