Castle Rock Cat Care 303-947-8002

Warning - I talk to cats!

Hiring Me Process

First you will contact me via the website, email: or by phone 303-947-8002.  We will setup a meeting so that I can meet you and your cat(s) or other pet.  Meeting you is a requirement for my services, this is not something you can simply do over the phone.

During this meeting I will tell you exactly what you are getting for your choice of care level.  Your cats will fall in love with me, and we continue our meeting.  (The steps are not in any particular order).

We will exchange phone numbers, cell numbers and email addresses. I will give you my business card with all of those numbers.

You will let me know what you feed your cat, where the food is kept, where the water is kept if a different location, and when to feed your cat.

Litter box locations will be discussed and I will view the locations.

I will get directions to your mail box, and get the key.  I will find out if you have halogen lights, which should not be left on while nobody is home.

Next I will verify the dates and times that you need me and get your house key.

We will go over and sign the paperwork required to hire me.  This will include the Castle Rock Cat Care service agreement, and the veterinary release.

When I take care of your cat, or other animal, he or she will have my undivided attention and care during my visit.

Upon your return home you will find a bill for my services and if you have set it up that I leave notes,you will also find those upon your return. At Castle Rock Cat Care we aim to please - both you and your four legged friend. If your cat is not happy, then neither am I.

Pictured on this page is Cloudy the kitten with Alex's leg.