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And small dogs too!

The below policies are set in stone and very difficult to get Castle Rock Cat Care to change or make an exception for anyone unless noted.

Payment Information

At Castle Rock Cat Care we accept cash, and check payments directly, and you can pay by credit card using  ( and use our email address: for the pay to email).  At the first meeting where I meet you and your pets, we will discuss how and when you pay for Castle Rock Cat Care's services.  Castle Rock Cat Care expects payment at the time of service (the first pet sit).  There is a late fee for payments received more than 7 days late.

Contact After Arriving Home

You MUST contact me when you arrive home.  This can be a phone call, text, or email.  If you do not contact me I will continue the sit at YOUR EXPENSE and you will be billed for the additional service.  Delays happen, cancellations happen, please keep me advised of your schedule so you don't incur additional expenses.

Key Information

Keys will NOT be locked in the house or left under a mat, they WILL be returned in person.  If you would like me to keep the key then that can be done as well.  Keys will be protected and coded without your name and your cats name while in Castle Rock Cat Care's possession.

Required visits:  

For cats I require 1 visit minimum per day.  I will NOT skip days, cats need love and care from humans every day.  

Meeting with Pet Parent and Pets (required):

This is a meeting where you get to meet Leanne, your pet sitter, and she gets to meet you and your animals.  Typically called a meet and greet because that is exactly what this is.  You can't hire a pet sitter you have never met, who has never met your much loved cat or other animal. During this meeting you will fill out paperwork or give Leanne paperwork you obtained from our website and have previously filled out.  She will talk to your animals, introducing herself and getting to know them.  This required meeting is free of charge.  There will be no fee for simply meeting Leanne.   Please call or email to schedule this appointment before your pet sitting requirements begin.