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Dogs are people too!

Sometimes CRCC will offer specials and this is where you will find them.  These specials are always offered on a first come, first served basis.  This is especially important when the special is for specific times or overnight visits.

Spa Day Special

This is for those who go to the spa on a weekly basis.  Shouldn't your cat or dog get treated special too?  For this promotion you can schedule a 1 hour or longer Spa visit, and during that time I will pamper your cat or dog with extra play, extra attention for 30 minutes each week.  This must be a weekly appointment for a minimum of 4 weeks.  The price is $20.00 a week.

New Years Eve Special

Many dogs and cats are afraid of fireworks.  There are two days of the year that typically have a lot of loud explosions.  One is December 31st.  This is also a night when people enjoy doing it all.  A fun party, a night in a hotel room, a romantic getaway. This special is for me to come to your house at 8:00pm and stay until 1:00am.  I will be there to comfort your dog or cat the whole time.  Overnight stay can be accommodated for an additional charge. Space for this is has to be limited so first come first serve.  With the FoF special you can enjoy all of the fireworks, even spend the night at a hotel to celebrate and not worry about your pets at home.  For this 4 hour service the cost will be $75.00.  If you would like to add an overnight, please add $45.00 for a total of $120.00.  In the case of an overnight I will stay until 7:00 in the morning.