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I had not taken my child on vacation for over two years because my cat is diabetic, hypo-thyroid and 18 years old.  I just did not feel comfortable leaving Lucky with anyone. When I was giving my sob story to Dr. Melanie, she immediately told me about Leanne and assured me that the cat would be fine.  Nobody else I talked to wanted to deal with shots and giving the cat pills twice daily, but Leanne didn’t even hesitate.  She didn’t even charge extra for these services.  When she came over to meet Lucky, I knew we hit a gold mine.  The cat took to her instantaneously and I was ecstatic.  While we were on vacation, she texted regularly and sent pictures.   My cat lucky was in heaven and our other young cats joined in the fun.  When we came home, all the casts were happy and healthy and maybe even a little disappointed that it was me, not Leanne coming into the house.  I will not hesitate to use Leanne again and know I can rest assured she loves my little critters as much as I do.


Leanne took care of our cat Fox during a trip to Durango and she was awesome. She came in twice a day and spoiled him rotten and I felt confident he was in good loving hands. I already have recommended her to all my friends and am so happy to know that my kitty is well taken care of in our absence. Leanne rocks.


When I met Leanne for the first time I instantly knew that I had found the perfect "pet sitter" for my two babies. She understood how to gently take care of our senior cat with litter box issues, and how to enjoy our 4 year old callico's excessive energy. Leanne even said she would use our Spot Bot to clean up any messes! What a relief! I felt so secure leaving my kitties in her loving hands. When I left for vacation, I found myself worrying as usual, but Leanne quickly helped me put those worries aside by sending me text messages during every visit. She even sent me a picture of my senior cat (18) playing!!! What a wonderful feeling! I was finally able to truly relax on a vacation. Thank you Leanne for helping me enjoy my vacation and relax knowing that my 2 kitties were safe in your hands. And a HUGE thank you for having a clean, mess free house to come home to!


Leanne at Castle Rock Cat Care has become our new friend and Rocky and Snoopy's cat-sitter. My husband and I had to take a trip and our previous sitter was unavailable. Leanne, on a day's notice, took on the job. Rocky is diabetic and Snoopy is not the friendliest of cats at the age of 17. We had a problem with our fire alarms in our apartment while we were gone and Leanne contacted us AND our apartment complex to help resolve it. Her main concern was for the "mental" health of our cats because the alarms had been going off all night. I would have been a wreck if it hadn't been for Leanne and her ability to take charge and care for our "babies" as well as she did.

Castle Rock

Leanne IS the best pet sitter in Castle Rock.  Her love for Bob and Furface and her expert care is amazing.  The girls can't wait to see you in July!  I give Castle Rock Cat Care 10 stars!

Castle Rock

Thanks for taking such good care of Comet, and for spending the night when he was sick.  We appreciate your care of our boys when we have to be gone.

Castle Rock

It always fills me with anxiety and dread when i have to leave my animals, but it is easier knowing i'm leaving them in the care of Leanne with Castle Rock Cat Care. She provides daily updates and photos of the animals, lets us know how they are doing
, if there are issues, and what everyone is up to when she checks in on them. We have two dogs and a cat and I am so grateful to have CRCC to call to love on my babies when I'm gone. Thanks, Leanne!

Kristin P
Castle Rock

We have worked with Leanne, with Castle Rock Cat Care, multiple times over the past year and are extremely pleased with her. It is a comfort to know that she is reliable and caring with our animals (a dog and a cat), as well as knowing we can trust her with our home. There have been no problems and, in fact, she has gone above and beyond multiple times. There was one time that our front door deadbolt did not unlock. Her husband was able to open the door without damaging the lock and we were able to replace it when we returned home. She is attentive to sending regular text messages on every visit, including pictures, and lets me know if there have been any problems with the pets (our dog drinking an excessive amount of water, for instance) or our home (a suspicious dripping water sound, for example). I have come to think of Leanne as more of a friend and I recommend her highly.

Erin R
Castle Rock

Leanne has been the perfect solution for our family trips.  We have used her several times to watch our two Ragdoll cats - even an 8 day trip to Mexico.  Bobby loves to play and Cuddles loves to eat.  We always come home to happy cats thanks to Leanne.  She even changed the battery on an beeping overhead smoke detector so the cats wouldn't be bothered.  Leanne always sends us a text with a picture and status every morning when we are gone and leaves a written daily summery.  Thanks to Leanne, we don’t have to worry about our cats or our house while we are away.


 I discovered Leanne through a gal pal of mine when I moved to CO. With random trips back to Chicago and lots of random events to attend, I don't always want to leave my kitty at home by himself. Herald, my kitty, is a scaredy cat and a terror to new gu
ests. He never seems to like anyone so when I had to leave for a week, I really didn't want to just have anyone. Calling on Leanne, she ended up being a buddy to him and he actually gave her a chance right out the gate. Giving him the loving attention he needed while his ma was outta town, I'm very happy she was available. Updated me everyday with photos and texts to put me at ease. I have called on Leanne many times and she has always been flexible with timing. I've very thankful for her services and highly recommend her for your fur babies attention when you're away.  

Castle Rock

Leanne from Castle Rock Cat Care is the best!  My husband and I do not trust leaving our very spoiled and pampered cat with anyone else but Leanne!  They love her - she treats them like they were her own.  We don't have to worry at all when we go on vacation.  Leanne comes to our home twice a day - plays with them, feeds them, checks our mail and even sends us photos and texts so we know the 'kids' are doing just fine without us. It's nice knowing that they are treated (spoiled) so well by Leanne.  Kirk and I were always so apprehensive about taking vacations because we didn't have anyone we really trusted to take care of our pets.  Now we have absolutely NO worries at all.  We can always rely on Leanne at Castle Rock Cat Care.  We recommend her services.  You will be very satisfied!

Cindy and Kirk R
Castle Rock

Leanne you are a lifesaver for my family! I Love how dependable and caring you are with Deuce and Coco. You have made our move to Colorado so much easier! We know that when you are caring for our dogs we have nothing to worry about! Our Deuce is very needy and you take care of him like he was your own. When we use to board our dogs in Texas it took weeks for them to get over the anxiety. They are happy and if anything miss you when we come back from traveling. Thank you for loving Deuce and Coco!!!! BEST PET SITTER EVER!!!!!!!!

Deanna S